Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel?

No problem at all. We travel up to 2 hours from Burlington, VT for no additional charge. Beyond we figure travel based on the size of House On Fire that you book.

Do you offer options for how the band dresses?

Our typical dress is semi-formal; ties, jackets, etc. It’s rare we’re asked to do black tie formal, but we’re happy to do so.

Do you play same-sex weddings?

Love all weddings, unions, celebrations equally.

Do you play corporate events?

Many! Happy to size the band to your corporate event, and work with you on a themed evening.

Can the band play the ceremony and cocktail hour?

We have  a number of options for both ceremony and cocktail; solo, duo, trio. Even acoustic cocktail hour with the entire band as an option.

What style of music do you play?

All styles with the exception of classical and opera, which are actually options for your ceremony! Check out our songlist for more.

Can I choose the music?

We love to play to your preferences. Pick songs that you love, as well as any do not play tunes! Beyond that, we’ll mix in songs we know we hit out of the park, and keep folks on the dance floor.

Will you learn a new song for us?

We normally have time to learn and rehearse two songs specifically for you (sometimes three). Beyond that is difficult because of the time involved in learning, practicing, and then rehearsing each song with the band.

How long does the band play for?

Standard performance times range between 3 and 4 hours. Ceremony and cocktail is in addition.

Does the band play during dinner?

We can play a shorter dinner set, and two longer dance sets, or, play background music during dinner, thereby saving your band time all for dancing.

Can the band DJ during their breaks?

Not a problem. It’s not like a full blown DJ set-up, but we provide great music on the breaks. You may also feel free to provide us with your own Playlist for the breaks. We’ll play it over our amazing sound system!

Can the band play continuous music?

Depends on the size of the band you hire. If there are enough musicians to rotate off/on the stage. Audiences usually appreciate a short break from dancing to refresh their drinks, chat, and get revved up again. Here again you can utilize your own dance-playlist on breaks which is also super-effective.

Can the band stay late on the night of?

Yes overtime is almost always an option that you can decide on, right on the spot. Cost again is determined by the size of AHOF you hire.

Does the band provide a sound system?

We use only top quality sound gear. High end JBL and RCF speakers, and Midas or Allan and Heath digital mixers.

Can we use your sound equipment for speeches?

Of, course! Happy to introduce your speeches as well, if you prefer.

Can you emcee my event?

That’s a standard part of any event. We are happy to emcee as much or as little as you prefer. Introducing the bridal party, first dance, special dances, Hora, cutting of the cake, whatever you need.

Can I see the band perform before I book them?

This certainly has become more problematic since the pandemic eliminated all nightclub and concert appearances, but hopefully that will return to normal, and we can get you out to see the band perform live. In the meantime watch and listen to us perform online here, and check our events page or facebook for any upcoming performances.

How far ahead of the wedding will you be in contact to go over the day-of details?

We’re happy to speak to you anytime about your date, however, a couple months out is typically the perfect time to discuss first dance, special dances, song preferences, speeches and toasts, etc.

Is there a deposit? How much do I pay and when?

The standard deposit is 50% returned with the signed contract. If your event is over a year off, we’re happy to break that up into two 25% payments.

What does the band require on the night?

A balanced meal and beverages, otherwise we are pretty self-sufficient and self-contained.

Can the band play outside?

As long as it’s on a hard surface (not grass, dirt, or gravel), the area is covered for protection from the elements, and there is ample power to the stage area

Does the band require a stage! What size stage do I need for the band to fit?

A stage is more for the benefit/enjoyment of your guests. If the band is not elevated the group will disappear to all but those dancing right in front of the band. Your guests will engage much more, and have more fun if the band is on a riser. Stage size is again, dependent on what size line-up you book.

Does the band need to be fed?

Yes. A fed band is a happy band. From the time the band leaves home to the time they begin performing is many hours, let alone the performance time and wrapping things up. A balanced hot meal is appreciated. Many venues have a “working” or employees meal, which is generally sufficient.

How extensive is your music library or song list? What genres can you cover?

We have about 300 songs under our belt, and are happy to learn a coulpe new tunes specifically for your event. Refer to our song list for songs and genres.

What music will be provided during the breaks?

We carry tons of music for breaks and for behind dinner. You are welcome to create your own Playlist and have us play it over our sound system. That way you’ll get exactly the songs you want.

Do you take requests from our guests?

If we know the song and can do a good job performing it.

Can we submit a "Do Not Play" list?